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Site Settings overview
Site Settings overview

Change your Format Account, Site, Subscription, Domain and Email, SEO and Spotlight settings.

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Quick overview of your Site Settings. You can make changes to your Format account, general site settings and specific details, subscription and payment options and custom domain connections, and more.

Access Site Settings Editor

  1. From the lower-left sidebar click ‘Settings'

Format Account Settings

  1. Select 'Format Account' panel

  2. Full Name (as displayed in your Dashboard and on messaging from Format)

  3. Email Address This is the email you login with. We need to be able to contact you about your account. Please provide us with the email address you use most often

  4. Password, for logging in to your Format Account

  5. Profession (select from dropdown)

  6. Sidebar Appearance (Dark or Light)

  7. Early Accesss to New Features

  8. Withdraw Consent to Personal Data and Deactivate Site

  9. 'Save Changes'

Site Settings

  1. Select 'Site' panel

  2. Website Header, what will appear as the title of the site in the browser window and on search engine results

  3. Site Icon, upload an image up to 192x192px in size. Supported image types are JPEG, PNG, and GIF

  4. Site Password, protect your site from access with a single password, helpful when setting up, or making sitewide changes and you want to restrict access for a short period of time

  5. Site Contact Email will be used for Contact Forms, Client Galleries and the Format Store feature

  6. Sender Name

  7. Scroll down for more…

  1. Scroll down for more…

  2. Logos for Emails

  3. Remove email logo

  4. Change Email Logo

  5. Protect Images when a visitor right-click on one of your images, they will see the message you set. A determined visitor could still download your images; if an image can be viewed in a web browser, it can be downloaded

  6. Enable/Disable

  7. Smart Cropping Collections thumbnails will be cropped using a face detection algorithm

  8. New Item Position on Galleries when you add new images, video or text elements to a gallery, it can be added either as the first or last element on the page

  9. Scroll down for more…

  1. Scroll down for more…

  2. Description of your website will only be shown in search results. It will not be visible on your site, (see our SEO guide for more information)

  3. Google Analytics for tracking visitors to your site (detailed instructions)

  4. Custom <head> Include used for adding custom content to your sites <head> tag, please read warning before tapping the 'Continue Anyway' button


  1. Select 'Subscriptions' panel

  2. Billing History, 'See All' to view your full history of charges, and email receipts

  3. Additional Information include any additional information you wish to appear on your receipt. For example, your address or tax number.

  4. Cancel Subscriptions, while we don't want to see you leave Format, you can 'flag' your site to be deactivated and, when your next subscription payment would have been due, your site will be deactivated and no further charges made

Domain Settings

  1. Select 'Domain & Email' panel

  2. Transfer a Domain (view our in-depth guide for transferring a domain)

  3. Start Transfer button

  4. Button option to 'Upgrade to Transfer your Domain Free'

  5. Add your own domain: connect your Format site to a custom domain name purchased from a third-party domain registrar.

  6. Format Address: is the subdomain your site has on This is the address you'll use to view your portfolio. If you have a connected domain, your subdomain address is still valid, and will simply redirect visitors to your custom domain.

  7. Website Domain: how your Format site address link URL is displayed

Need help setting up your custom domain? We offer members of the Format community the option to File a Help Request. One of our Success Team members will assist in completing the operation for you.


  1. Select 'SEO' panel (we have a more in-depth SEO guide here)

  2. SEO Website Title, this is your websites' title, it will appear in every search result for your site, write a descriptive and unique title

  3. SEO preview shows how your website homepage will appear in search engine results. You can adjust your SEO Website title here. Without an SEO Website title the Page title will show by default. You can adjust your homepage's SEO Page title in its Settings page

  4. SEO Homepage Title

  5. SEO Hompage Description

  6. Scroll down for more…

  1. Scroll down for more…

  2. Improve Your SEO Content, you can update all SEO Page Titles and SEO Page Descriptions easily from this area

  3. SEO Sitemap URL for copying (see our Sitemap guide)

  4. Google My Business, registering your business location with Google My Business helps potential customers find you


Our spotlight section is where we feature outstanding portfolios.

  1. Select 'Spotlight' panel

  2. Site Preview, will appear, showing how your sites homepage appears in desktop and mobile browsers

  3. Your Name, as you would like it displayed

  4. Discipline, select from dropdown

  5. Your Biography

  6. Status and Submit when completed all the required fields

We’ll get back to you either way, but please be patient with us.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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