Quick overview of your Site Settings. You can make changes to your Format account, general site settings and specific details, subscription and payment options and custom domain connections, and more.

Access Site Settings Editor

You can access your Settings two different ways.

  1. From your Dashboard tap ‘Settings' icon, lower-left.

  2. Tap any of the links in the 'Settings' panel on the Home Page of your Dashboard.

Format Account Settings

  1. Settings link.

  2. Format Account, tap here to display the 'Account' settings area

  3. You must 'Save Changes' that you make before they will be applied.

In the Account Settings area you can change the following:

Full Name: This name is for our records. It will not appear on your website.

Email Address: This is the email you login with. We need to be able to contact you about your account. Please provide us with the email address you use most often.

Password: This is the password you use to edit your Format website.

Subscription Settings: These are the mailing lists you are currently subscribed to.

Early Access to New Features: Get early access to new features and automatically participate in beta testing on Format.

Site Settings

In the Site Settings area you can change the following:

Site Title: Visitors will see this title at the top of their browser window and on search engines. If you want to edit the logo text that appears on your website, visit the Theme Editor

Site Icon: Site icons (favicon) will be resized to 16px by 16px. Supported image types are JPEG, PNG, GIF, and ICO.

Site Contact Email: Set a contact email for your site. This address will be used for your site's contact forms, and client galleries.

Sender Name: Set a sender name for your site's contact email. This can be your full name or business name.

Logo for Emails: Upload a logo to be included in emails from your site. For best results, use a logo that will show up against a white background, that is at least 200px wide.

Protect Images: When a visitor right-click on one of your images, they will see the message you set. A determined visitor could still download your images; if an image can be viewed in a web browser, it can be downloaded.

Smart Cropping: Page thumbnails will be cropped using a face detection algorithm.

New Item Position: When you add a new text, image, or video elements to a page it can be added as the first or last element on the page.

Description: This description of your website will only be shown in search results by search engines (such as Google). It will not be visible on your site.

Keywords (Meta Tags): Enter a comma delimited list of words which describe your website. This helps optimize your sites search engine results.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool for monitoring and understanding the traffic on your website. Enter your tracking code to start collecting and sending data from your website. If you are new to Google Analytics, follow these instructions to get started.

Custom Include: Add custom content to your site's tag. Useful for verifying your site for use with Google Webmaster Tools or Pinterest.

Subscription Settings

In the Subscription Settings area you can change the following:

Plan: Your current plan and option to 'Change Plan'.

Payment Type: Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Billing Date: Next payment due date.

Billing History: 'See All' to view your full history of charges, and email receipts.

Additional Information: Include any additional information you wish to appear on your receipt. For example, your address or tax number.

Deactivate Site: While we don't want to see you leave Format, you can deactivate your site and when your next subscription payment is due your site will be deactivated and no further charges made.

Domain Settings

Format Address: is the subdomain your site has on Format.com. This is the address you'll use to view your portfolio. If you have a connected domain, your subdomain address is still valid, and will simply redirect visitors to your custom domain.

Buy a Domain: Learn how to purchase a custom domain and connect it to your Format site.

Add your own domain: Connect your Format site to a custom domain name purchased from a third-party domain registrar.

Need help setting up your custom domain? We offer members of the Format community the option to File a Help Request. One of our Success Team members will assist in completing the operation for you.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at info@format.com We’re here to help!

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