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How to regenerate a Subscription Payment Receipt
How to regenerate a Subscription Payment Receipt

Receipts are emailed after the successful payment but you can access this information and send yourself a copy at any time

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Access the Subscriptions panel

  1. From the left sidebar click 'Settings' and then 'Subscriptions'

  2. You can update/change your Payment details here

  3. Under 'Billing History' click the 'See All' button

  4. 'Additional Information' can be added in this field, like your Company/Business name, address and/or tax number. and it will appear on the payment receipt

  5. If you have any questions about your payments and subscription please contact our team via the in-app chat icon or email

View all Billing History and Resend receipt email

From the Billing History 'See all' panel when activated, the most recent payments will appear at the top, oldest at the bottom.

  1. Click the 'Resend' button for email receipt

  2. Button status changes to 'Sent'

  3. Failed payment attempts shown in red

The receipt will be emailed to your Format Account login email address and will include the Additional Information you added.

Emailed Receipt information and Saving PDF attachment

  1. Check your email application for the emailed receipt

  2. The sender will be displayed as from '' if you do not see this immediately, please check that it hasn't been redirected to a junk/spam/trash folder

  3. The receipt will also be attached as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file

  4. Save this to a location on your device for retaining with your financial records or for printing a physical hard copy

  5. Amount of payment and the period of time payment covers

  6. Name of your current plan

  7. Notes includes any information from the 'Additional Information' field

If you still have questions about your plan, subscription or the amount you have been charged, please contact us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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