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How to set a Site-wide Password
How to set a Site-wide Password

Set one password that can access your whole site. This is helpful if you are making changes and want to 'hide your site' while updating.

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Setting a site-wide password to allow your invited visitors to see your site without having to re-enter the password for individual pages (Page Visibility set to 'Private' and with a Password), see our How to change your Page Visibility help article.

Setting one Site Password

Format Dashboard showing Settings and Site panes active and the Site Password field updated
  1. From the left sidebar click 'Settings'

  2. Click 'Site'

  3. Set your password

  4. Set 'Site Password' to 'ON'

  5. Click 'Save Changes'

This will now be set for your whole site until you turn 'OFF'

View your Live Site

When you (or anyone) tries to view your Live Site they will need to enter the password you have set to enter.

Screenshot showing website homepage in browser that requires a password to enter

  1. Enter correct password in field

  2. Click 'Enter' to access

This will now allow all pages that you have set within your site to be Online to be seen without needing to enter another password when viewing different pages.

Search Engine Indexing

If you use a Site Password this will stop all pages of your site being indexed by the search engine crawlers so may affect your SEO performance.

Setting passwords for individual pages

You can also have different, individual passwords for every page in your site.

Please see our Changing your Page Visibility guide.

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