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Embedding a Mailchimp newsletter subscription form
Embedding a Mailchimp newsletter subscription form

Add a newsletter subscription form to your Format site.

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Format sites don't have any built-in integration with newsletter services such as

We do have the ability to add a simple Popup which can allow viewers to add their email address to subscribe for further messaging from you. Please see our Popup Messages or Mailing List Subscriptions article

Format is not associated with in any way and you may already have another subscription service provider you are happy to use, these are just examples and we have had the most experience with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Pop-up

Create a free account with

Generate a Pop-up Subscription Form, the code generated will look something like:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//" data-dojo and continues on for a few lines and ends with }) })</script> 

Copy this code and add to the <head> Includes area of your Site Settings > Site > Custom <head> Include field.

  1. Click 'Settings' from left sidebar

  2. Click 'Site'

  3. Scroll down to

  4. 'Custom <head> Include' field

  5. Paste JavaScript code snippet here

  6. 'Save Changes'

See our Custom <head> Include guide for more information.

This pop-up code can be added to any level plan from Basic to Pro Plus.

Pop-up issues to be aware of

  • A pop-up subscription form will only appear once when a viewer visits your site.

  • If they view a different page (not your Homepage) first they will still see the pop-up.

  • If they choose to close without entering any of their information it will not be displayed again as they have set cookies to stop it reappearing if someone has already closed without showing any interest.

  • It also can't be completed multiple times which is a good thing as it stops someone from spamming you with bad email addresses constantly.

  • Sometimes the code from a pop-up can play cause issues with other content from loading on your site.

  • This means that it is often necessary to change to using a Subscription Form (see below)

The Success Team is unable to assist with troubleshooting code added from third-party sources.

Mailchimp Subscription Form

Similar to the Mailchimp Pop-up code, use their service to create a Subscription Form that can be added to your Contact or About Me Custom Page.

This HTML code requires a Pro level plan or higher as you need to add the HTML code generated (not possible on Basic plans).

Please see our HTML Editing guide for further instructions.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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