When working in the Design editor panel, tapping the 'right-arrow' that appears next to a section’s title (like the Site Menu, Store or Custom Page) will take you to all the available options for that page or site element. This will bring all Theme, Colors and Typography options into one panel, making it easy for you to make changes and preview.

Activate filtered view

  1. In the Design editor and any panel, tap the arrow next to the section heading to have all options relating appear (in this example the 'Site Menu')

  1. Heading showing the Panel with all options available

  2. Theme specific options are available for editing

  3. Colors that can be edited

  4. While hovering, tapping the '?' will give you more information about the option

Scroll down to see more available options including Typography.

5. Typography options including font, size, line height and styling options

6. 'B' = Bold 'I' = Italic

View the live updates in the in-app preview window and 'Save Changes'.

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