Proofing Projects can be added to your Site Menu in the same way as Gallery or Custom Pages.

They can be loose in the top-level of the Site Menu or added to a Submenu Item which will show them in a folder (dropdown).

Create a Submenu Item

  1. From the Dashboard, tap 'Pages'
  2. Tap 'Create'
  3. Tap 'Submenu'

Give the Submenu a Title

Manage Pages

  1. New Submenu Item folder has been created
  2. Any pages already visible can be added here by tap-and-dragging from the left-hand side of the pages name
  3. Tap 'Manage Pages' to add to the Site Menu

Add Proofing Projects to Site Menu

  1. Go to 'Proofing' 
  2. View the 'Projects' list view
  3. Hovering will show ' - Add' for any pages 'Not in Menu' Tap to add.

Return to the Site Menu Editor, the newly added pages will appear at the top of the list.

  1. Tap-and-drag from the left-hand side and release when over the Submenu Item folder dropdown
  2. Pages added will appear here. Tap-and-drag to change the page order or position of the Submenu Item in your Site Menu.

Position order in Site Menu

  1. Showing a closed Submenu Items folder
  2. 'Client Proofing' Submenu open with pages ordered inside and moved to the correct position in the Site Menu

Save Changes and view on live site.

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