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Update theme to the latest release

  1. From your Dashboard check to see if there are any updates available for your theme

  2. Click 'Review changes' link if shown otherwise go directly to 'More options on Custom Pages' below.

  1. Short paragraphs advising of what the theme update includes

  2. Click 'Preview Changes'

The theme will be updated and you will be taken to the Design  > Theme > Basic panel.

'Save Changes' to apply the updates to your theme.

More options on Custom Pages

When you are adding or editing content on your Custom Pages you will see more options for applying a style to your text.

  1. Select the text you are wanting to style

  2. Click the style dropdown to see options

  3. Change between 'Large Heading, Heading, Body, Small Text and List'. Options that are not available will be greyed out and not selectable (including the active style)

Advanced Typography panel

  1. From Design > Typography > Advanced and scroll down to 'CUSTOM PAGES' area

  2. When hovering the 'CUSTOM PAGES' heading text an arrow will appear. Click this to see all options available grouped together in one panel

Custom Pages options grouped

  1. Custom Pages options that are changed here will affect all Custom Pages of your site as you change the styles.

  2. Colors can be set for all text styles

  3. Typography change the font, size and line height

  4. View the changes in the preview window

Scroll down the panel to see more Typography options.

The Body Text, Small Text, Form Labels, Heading and Large Heading fonts can be changed here.

Save Changes and preview on your live site.

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