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Design Options for Custom Pages

  1. Tap 'Design' from the sidebar

  2. Tap 'Theme' and 'Advanced' panel

  3. Scroll to 'CUSTOM PAGES' tap '->' icon, this will display all available options for your Theme, including Colors and Typography, from one panel

  1. Depending on your theme, the options available may differ from what you see above. The '?' tooltip helps to explain

  2. Colors set here affect all Custom Pages, these include your About and Contact Me pages

  1. Scroll down for all 'Typography' options

Editing Custom Pages

  1. Select Text that you want to apply styling to

  2. Mini-toolbar will appear over the Section being edited, use dropdown or icons to change settings

  3. Change between 'Large Heading, Heading, Body, Small Text and List'. Options that are not available will be grayed out and not selectable (including the active style)

  4. Always 'Save Changes'

View Live Site

  1. Large Heading (with 'B' disabled)

  2. Body

  3. Small Text

  4. Large Heading

  5. Heading

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