We would love it if you invited friends! We pride ourselves on Format's high number of recommendations from within creative communities.

New users can simply login and try our platform on a free 14 day trial. They merely need to press the "Get Started" button on our Homepage.

If they need any help along the way we would be happy to help them build their Format portfolio site, and answer any questions you might have through our live chat or info@format.com

Regarding incentives, depending on what plan you're currently on your incentive varies. While logged into your Format account visit http://format.com/invites and you'll be able to see what incentive is available to you. Typically we match the incentive for the user who is also joining, so the incentive applies both to you and your friend!

We're so excited to share our platform and have our member group grow with you!

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at info@format.com We’re here to help!

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