Managing your Pages

We have simplified the way Pages are accessed, created and added to your Site Menu by showing all your pages in one place.

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Navigate to Portfolio > Pages

  1. From the left sidebar under Portfolio, click the 'Pages' button

  2. The 'Create' button shows all available options (covered below in more detail)

  3. The 'IN MENU' area lists all pages visible in your site navigation menu

  4. The EXAMPLE text shows beside pages that have not been edited and still contain example content

  5. The HOME shows which page will be seen first when visiting your website

  6. The 'Options' link provides more options (also covered below).

  7. The 'NOT IN MENU' area lists all of your other pages

Create options

The 'Create' button expands to show the following options:

Gallery: display your visual work in a gallery format
Custom Page: for text, images, contact forms, and more
External Link: directly link to any URL from your site menu
Submenu: organize related links into a list on your site menu
Collection: link to Galleries and Custom Pages
Blog: create a blog and share your posts

Store: create a store for your site
WORKFLOW: Client Galleries: share photos with your clients easily

Edit Page Content

  1. Hover over the page title and click 'Edit' or

  2. The 'ellipse' dropdown lists more options for each page

  3. Shows page set as 'HOME' page

Preview a page

Desktop in-app Preview above Mobile in-app Preview below

  1. Hover over the page title and click to see a preview of your page

  2. Change the preview to Desktop (top), Mobile (bottom), or Full-Screen

In Menu or Not in Menu

  1. Click and drag any page into the IN MENU or NOT IN MENU sections

The site menu will update in real-time and you can see the changes without having to Save Changes.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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