Yearly Pro, Pro Plus and Premium Plan members can transfer their existing domain to Format and get the first year free. Regular cost is US$20 per year. Any time remaining from your previous registrar will be applied as free time at the end of your first year.

This is available for domain names ending:  .com , .net, .org, .ca, .xyz and .me 

It is not possible to transfer domains that have different TLD's (Top Level Domains).

WARNING: If you have email hosting, an existing Google Workspace account or other domain connections, please contact us first via in-app chat (icon lower-right corner) because transferring a domain will disconnect any email records from the DNS Zone and we do not want you to lose any existing (email) services.

Get your current domain's transfer authorization code

Log in to your current domain registrars control panel and copy the authorization Code for your domain.

Registrars may name this differently but you are looking for a code possibly identified as EPP Codes  , auth code or  transfer keys 

You will also need to Unlock Domain  to allow the transfer to work.

Once you have this code, go to your Format Dashboard.

Transfer a Domain

  1. From Settings, tap 'Domain and Email'

  2. Go to 'Transfer a Domain' area and enter the domain name to transfer

  3. Tap 'Transfer'

Enter the authorization code

  1. Displaying domain name you are transferring 

  2. Enter 'Authorization Code' from your current domain registrar

  3. Ensure domain is unlocked at your current domain registrar

  4. Tap 'Continue'

Transfer Authorization Code and Domain Unlocking - EXAMPLE

Example of how your domain registrar may display:

  1. Transfer Authorization Code (select and copy for accuracy)

  2. Domain Lock (unlocked) 

Transfer details

  1. Domain name being transferred

  2. Authorization Code

  3. Enter your name, this is required and must be a correct, legal name

  4. Add your address details accurately


  6. Read the legal fine print

  7. Read and agree to our Terms of Service. By clicking 'Complete Purchase' you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. This is a requirement for registering a domain

  8. View more on our Domain Pricing page

  9. 'Complete Purchase' after you have re-checked all details are correct

  10. Tap 'Next'

Transfer Confirmation

  1. Domain name being transferred

  2. The transferring domain has an extra years registration additional to any remaining time period by Format.

  3. Free for Pro Yearly, Pro Plus Yearly or Premium Yearly Plans. US$20 for Basic and monthly plans. 

  4. If you have email hosting, an existing Google Workspace account or other domain connections, please contact us with the necessary DNS Zone records so we can add on your behalf.

  5. Tap 'Complete Transfer'

Transfer underway

  1. If all information has been entered correctly you will see a message thanking you for transferring and advising the estimated time to transfer.

  2. Tap 'Go to Domain Settings'

Domain Settings

  1. Tap 'Domain & Email'

  2. Transferring Domain name 

  3. Status, this will show 'Needs Email Verification' but from experience, none is sent for verifying. Please allow 2 to 14 days for transfer to complete.

If you have concerns about how long this may be taking, please reach us on our live chat or email us at We can check the progress and advise any steps that may need to be taken.

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