As a subscriber you can book a call with one of our Format Experts and have a 1:1 site setup consultation. During a call we will use screenshare to show you how to improve your site’s functionality and design. 

Watch the video below for a run through of the types of topics we can cover over a call!

Who can book a video call? 

Format members on all paid plans can pay per session, the fees are:

  • 60 min calls are $100 dollars per session - to sign up for a 60 min call click here. 
  • 30 min calls are $50 dollars per session - to sign up for a 30 min call click here

Please note: Once you have signed up you will be charged for the session even if you miss the meeting unless it is rescheduled. 

What can you help me with over a call? 

When booking a Format Expert site setup consultation you will be provided with a form to fill out to let us know what you’re interested in focusing on. We can cover a wide range of topics, you can read more about them below:

SEO configuration

  • We’ll show you all the ways we can make your site more visible on search engines.
  • This will include setting keywords, importing metadata, how to create keyword optimized page titles, strategizing internal links, sitemaps and more. 

Theme selection

  • There are over 27 themes to choose from and each have distinct design layout options that can be adjusted to provide unique and specific designs. 
  • We’ll try some out and walk you through choosing the best theme for you. 

Service integrations

  • This can include integrating an email or newsletter service like Mailchimp, setting up a booking integration such as Calendly to book appointments or other services. 
  • Whatever your integration might be we can help you set this up. 

Site navigation and page layout

  • We will help you refine your site’s user experience, organize pages and categorize your work. 

Choosing color scheme and typography

  • Having distinct and specific typography and color choices can make your site look professionally designed. We’ll try a few different options with you and find the perfect combination. 

Image Selection and Organization

  • We’ll help you edit, select and organize your images. 

Store setup 

  • We’ll work with you to build a store with product pages for physical products, services and/or digital downloads. This will give you the opportunity to earn revenue directly from your site. 

Client Galleries setup

  • We’ll help you get started using our Client Galleries feature that is built to send clients full resolution images for direct downloads, for image favoriting or for cloud storage.
  •  We can show you how to use this directly or with our Capture One or Lightroom plugins. 
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