You can add video to Gallery Pages that has already been uploaded and published on either Vimeo or YouTube.

It is not possible to upload or add video directly from your own computer/device.

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In this article
  • Add video to a Gallery Page
  • Copy URL from Vimeo or YouTube
  • Change Video or delete
  • Add Caption and style

Add video to a Gallery Page
  1. From your Dashboard, tap 'Pages
  2. Open an existing Gallery Page or create a new Gallery Page.
  3. Tap 'Add Item +' 
  4. Select 'Video'

A Video thumbnail placeholder and field for adding the Vimeo or YouTube URL will be added.

Copy URL from Vimeo or YouTube

Locate and copy the full Vimeo our YouTube URL from the browser address bar.
  1. Paste in full copied URL
  2. Tap the 'checkmark'

The video thumbnail will appear.

Videos set as 'Private' or 'Restricted' may not allow you to add. Ensure you have access (and permission).

'Save Changes' before leaving the page.

Change Video or Delete

Hover video thumbnail will show options

  1. Change Video
  2. Delete Video
  3. Add Caption…

Add Caption and style

Hover video thumbnail and the 'Add Caption' field will be visible. Tap into Caption field and add caption.

Selecting and highlighting a word within the Caption will introduce the mini-styling toolbar with the options:

  1. Bold style
  2. Italic style
  3. Headline style
  4. Link URL
  5. Unordered list (bullet points)

'Save Changes' before leaving page.

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