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Add a new site to your Format account
Add a new site to your Format account

You can have more than one site added to your account

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Create a New Site in Your Account

  1. Click the dropdown icon next to your site name just below the Format logo in the top-left corner

  1. Your original or other sites will appear here

  2. Click the 'Create a New Site' button

The new site will start on a 14 day trial. You can then choose a subscription for that site after the 14 days. The sites on your account have separate subscriptions and content.

This is best when you will be the only person responsible for the site and will not be giving anyone else access or using someone else's payment information to pay for the site.

If you are developing a site for someone else to manage or control in the future you are best to start a new Format account with a different email address.

Please note: It is not possible to start additional sites while you still have an unpaid free 14 day trial site.

If you have older, inactive sites that are confusing you by still appearing in your site list, please let us know and we can 'hide' these from appearing for you.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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