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Tips on setting your Site Menu and page navigation
Tips on setting your Site Menu and page navigation

Ideas on how to set your pages within your Site Menu for the best viewing experience and navigation

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Video overview

Overview of Pages and in-app Preview

Navigate from the left sidebar to the Portfolio > Pages pane.

  1. Collection Page set as the HOME page

  2. Submenu Item (folder) with Gallery Pages inside

  3. Custom Pages (About Me and Contact)

  4. Client Gallery and a Gallery Page NOT IN MENU

  5. Site Menu with selected Home page visible

  6. When hovering over a thumbnail image, the Page Title is displayed (click to navigate to the page)

Collection Pages

A Collection's design depends on the theme that you have chosen for your site. You can make changes to its layout by navigating to the Design > Themes > Collection Pages > View All link. See our Creating a Collection Page guide.

  1. Theme options available for Collection Pages

  2. Collection Page is active in Site Menu

  3. Page Link when hovering a thumbnail image the Page Title is displayed

  4. Thumbnail image not being hovered does not display the Page Title

The actual 'Collection Page' Design options that are available for your theme may differ from what is shown in the example above as they are theme dependent (some themes may not have the same options).

Submenu Items (dropdown folders)

A Submenu Item appears as a text dropdown that, when clicked, will display a list of Page Titles added inside this folder. See our Creating a Submenu guide.

  1. Submenu Item opened to display pages inside

  2. Click the Submenu name in the Site Menu to activate the dropdown

  3. Text list of pages added, click to view page

Submenu Items can not be nested more than one level deep.

Recommendations for your Site Menu

  • We recommend a maximum of five top-level Site Menu items per site. You're free to break this rule, but this is the optimal number that we recommend in order to ensure an efficient, clean, and quick navigation style

  • Add your favorite Cover Images for each page as this is what appears in Collection Page links and when you Share your site with social networks. See our Changing your Cover Image and Collection Page Cover Images guides

  • You could also incorporate Image Link Sets or Slideshows on Custom Pages to provide visual navigation similar to a Collection Page

  • Your Website Title or Logo Graphic can also be used to link to a different page, the default link is to your Homepage

  • Your Homepage does not need to be IN MENU for it to appear as the first page when your site is visited, this is useful when you have used a Title Page as your Homepage

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