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Adding a 'Favicon' / Site Icon
Adding a 'Favicon' / Site Icon

Change the default round 'F' for your own favicon to appear in the web browser tab and in web search results

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Video overview

Create your graphic

Replace our default Site Icon (favicon) with your own graphic.

For best results save at 192px wide by 192px high as a PNG or GIF file.

Adding a Site Icon (favicon)

  1. From the left sidebar click 'Settings'

  2. From the 'Site' panel scroll down to

  3. 'Site Icon'

  4. Click 'Change Icon' button

Access from Website Title and Logo

  1. You can also access this via the 'Design' panel

  2. Click 'Website Title and Logo'

  3. Scroll down to 'Site Icon'

  4. Click 'Replace'

Live Site Update

This will appear in the top tab of the web browser window along with your Site Title and Page Title and also in search engine results (once their indexes have updated, may be days or weeks, after replacing before it appears).

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