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Previewing the mobile view of your site
Previewing the mobile view of your site

Video showing how to view what your theme and site will approximately look like on a mobile device. Use a real device for accuracy

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0:00 Hi there, my name is Dora, I'm a Format expert and this video is to show you how to preview your site on mobile devices.

0:08 In order to get started, you will need to go to either the Pages editor or the Design editor here in the left side toolbar.

0:15 If you want to make edits to your site without saving changes, so without applying them to the live site, and you want to see how these changes design wise look like on a mobile device, you will need to go to the design editor where you can make design choices for your site.

0:30 Under any one of these tabs over here. To preview your site on mobile, it's as simple as clicking on the mobile symbol here in the preview editor.

0:40 Once you do that, you will see your site optimizing for mobile devices, depending on the screen size as well as the browser that you're using for your particular device.

0:50 The way your site displays may vary slightly from the version that you're seeing within the editor. In the mobile preview, you can also tap on your site menu to navigate your site's pages and see what each page looks like on mobile.

1:08 You can preview each page on mobile and see what it looks like and how it optimizes for mobile devices. Furthermore, if you want to preview themes and how they look like on your site before actually applying them to your site and overwriting your current themes design settings, you can tap on theme,

1:29 explore themes, and see what it looks like on the web site. You can also see the theme in the course of your design.

1:42 Once you've decided, click on the theme. And the theme will then apply as a preview to your site. Site's pages to see what each page would look like on mobile.

2:12 You can browse through your site's images. Please note that saving changes will overwrite your theme's current theme's design settings. So it's recommended you don't save changes unless you want to change your site's theme.

2:25 I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please do feel free to reach out to us

2:31 The chat icon is located here in the lower right-hand side corner or via email at and I'd be happy to help.

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