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Creating an ‘Under Construction’ page
Creating an ‘Under Construction’ page

You can create a temporary landing page for visitors to see while you work on the rest of your site

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Create a Custom Page

  1. Navigate to the Pages menu

  2. Click 'Create +'

  3. Click 'Custom Page'

  1. Give your new custom page a name

  2. Click 'Add Custom Page'

Choose a Title Page Template

Once your new Custom Page has been created, you can now edit it to create an Under Construction page, using a Title Page template.

  1. Click 'Select a Template'

You will then see the following screen:

  1. Click 'Title Page'

  2. Choose a Title Page template

  3. You can also upload video backgrounds to some Title Page templates, indicated by the video icon in the top-left corner of the template. For information on how to upload video backgrounds to Title Pages, please see our Adding a video background to a Title Page article

  4. The last Title Page template is the only one that allows a logo graphic (or another image) to appear over a background image

Editing your Title Page

For the purposes of this article, I have chosen the first Lindsay Smith template shown in the previous screenshot. Depending on the Title Page template you choose, you will then see a variation of the following:

  1. A formatting menu will appear when clicking the text box

  2. A warning will show at the bottom of the screen, indicating that the text has been left unlinked. If you want to prevent visitors from seeing the rest of your site while you work on it, you should leave the text unlinked

  1. You can also replace the background image by clicking on it

  2. This will cause the following 'Replace Background button appear on the top-edge of the image placeholder:

For more information on the customization options available to Title Pages, please see our Creating a Title Page article.

  1. Leave the text unconnected as you do not want anyone to continue to view other pages of your site

  2. Once you have finished editing your Title Page, click the “Save Changes button in the upper-right corner of your screen:

Background image by Josh Withers on Unsplash

  1. Warning that you are going to 'Save Without Links', for creating an Under Construction style page, this is OK.

Setting your new Title Page as your Homepage

Navigate back to the Pages menu. From there, set your completed Under Construction page as your Homepage:

  1. To the right of the page title, click the '' button

  2. Select 'Set as Homepage'

You will see the following message appear in the upper-right corner of your screen once this has been successfully set:

Viewing your Title Page on your Live Site

  1. You can view your live site by clicking “View Site” in the top-left corner of the left sidebar:

You will be redirected to your live site, where you will now have an Under Construction landing page that you can use while you work on the rest of your site.

  1. If you hover or tap the text (Under Construction) this will not go to any other page or location because you didn't set the link earlier

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