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Tips for organizing your Gallery Pages
Tips for organizing your Gallery Pages

Video showing the best ways of structuring your images and content on the page

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Hi there, my name is Rachel. I'm a Format expert and a visual artist. I'm going to show you some quick tips on how best to organize your Gallery Pages.

The first tip that I have is to organize Gallery Pages into smaller sections based on the theme of what you'll find inside of them.

So for example, I have a Gallery Sub Menu (Item folder) here where I have one gallery titled Fine Art, one titled Editorial and one titled Still Life.

This will allow your viewers to find what they're looking for quickly. Let's take a look at my Still Life gallery.

The next tip I have is that you don't want any of your Gallery Pages to have more than 14 images between 18. 14 images is a really sweet spot for the amount of images you want at a Gallery Page.

What our user experience designers have told us is that after 14 images, your viewers are going to experience fatigue and they're going to start clicking around your site, which means if you add more than 14 images to a Gallery Page, basically anything at the end won't be seen by your viewers or most likely not.

So we want to keep your gallery pages concise and we want to be selective about what we're showing there.

You might want to work with a friend to help you edit what images you show in each gallery page to make sure that you're choosing your strongest work.

And my last tip is that you might want to use a Collection Page as a Home page or instead of a Sub Menu.

A collection page allows you to link Gallery and Custom Pages with thumbnail images to allow people to preview what they're going to see on that page before they visit it.

So for example, when I hover over this thumbnail, I see that it's Still Life and I can see an image of what I'm going to find in that page.

What this does is it allows you to show off your images right away while people are trying to navigate around your site and it allows people to have a preview of what they're going to see on that page.

That's about it. If you want help setting up your Gallery Pages, you can look at our help article on Creating a Gallery Page where you'll find a helpful video as well.

If you need help deciding how to select your images or how to create some page navigation, just reach out to us and support.

Just click on the right-hand button on the bottom, which looks like a little speech bubble to reach out to our support center.

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