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Hyperlinking Captions and Text Elements
Hyperlinking Captions and Text Elements

How to set text in Captions or Text Elements with hyperlinks to take viewers to other pages or external sites.

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Adding a link to a Caption

Links can be made to Pages within your website, to another Website or to an email address.

If you are unsure on how to add a caption to a Gallery Page image thumbnail please see our Adding Captions and Image Descriptions to images guide.

  1. With the Caption field active, select the text that you want to act as the hyperlink

  2. Click the 'Link' icon from the mini-toolbar

  1. Create Link to an External Website

  2. Add the full URL

  3. Click 'Open in new window' so that viewers do not 'leave' your site

  4. Click 'Save Link'

Now, when viewing your live site, the text in your Caption will display a link, test and revise if necessary.

Adding a link to a Text Element

This works exactly the same way as Captions.

  1. Select text within the Text Element

  2. Click the 'Link' icon

  1. Link icon activates the 'Create Link' modal window above

  2. Click 'Page'

  3. Click 'Choose a page' to activate a dropdown list of all pages within your website

  4. Select the Page Name

After selecting 'Save Link' when closing.

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