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Adding sound/audio to a Gallery Page
Adding sound/audio to a Gallery Page

Video showing how to embed sound (audio) to a Gallery Page (requires Pro or Pro Plus plan for HTML code editing)

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0:00 Hi, this video shows you how to add audio to a Gallery Page. So the first thing we need to do is click on our pages menu, select our Gallery Page, and then hover over to edit.

0:16 Here I've made a very simple Gallery Page example. So we have a few options for adding audio. The first is a text element.

0:26 Text elements will display your audio in the same way as images. To display on your page, to do this we come up to add item, select text element, and now we need to convert it from text to HTML and we can do this by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

0:48 Now it's ready to exit our code. Coming over to my Soundcloud (browser tab), I've got a track lined up here, I can come down to share, select embed.

1:04 HTML embeds are really great because they can give you options to change the sizing or the color in some cases.

1:10 Here I'm just going to go ahead and copy the code that is generated for us. Coming back to my Gallery Page, double click and paste, and my text element.

1:24 I could go ahead and Save (Changes). In this case, I want to move my audio up on the page so it's near at the top.

1:30 I can click drag and drop to have it under the first image and save. Now I'm going to check out my life site and my audio should be under the first image on my page.

1:52 Great. Another option is to add out audio as Header Text, (this) means it will always be positioned at the very top of the page.

2:04 Coming up to add item, I can select Header Text, again convert to HTML, and then paste the code and save.

2:26 If I refresh my page, now we'll have audio at the very top of the page. One last option is to add out audio as an Image Caption.

2:43 This may or may not be ideal depending on the size of the embed. To do this, we can hover over an image, click on add Caption, convert to HTML, and then paste.

3:04 On my life site, I'm going to refresh, and now we should have an audio element directly underneath our last image like so.

3:21 If you have any further questions about adding audio to a Gallery Page, you can reach out to the team through the live chat in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard, or you can email our site.

3:30 That's it,

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