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Using Custom Pages to create a Collection-style page
Using Custom Pages to create a Collection-style page

Using a Custom Page gives you more flexibility for creating links to other pages within your site and external sites.

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Video instructions

Collection Page vs Custom Page

Collection Pages are pages that have image links that go to different internal website pages. Think of them as being like a Contents or Index page with image navigation for your website.

For more information on Collection Pages, please see our guides here.

Animation showing the hover effect with a Custom Page (the theme is Sierra).

We have a wide variety of different Collection Page styles within our various theme templates, along with customization options for these, however, you may want to create your own image navigation with your own styling and layout and you can do this with a Custom Page.

For more information on Custom Pages, please see our guides here.

Create a Custom Page and Start from Scratch

  1. Navigate to Portfolio > Pages > Create Page and 'Custom Page'

  2. Set Page Name

  3. Select 'Start from Scratch' and click 'Add Section'

Add Section from Images

  1. Navigate to the 'Images' Section

  2. All images can be set to have links to Pages, Websites or an Email address

  3. Slideshows include advanced options for adding visual links with text and can look very professional. See our Create a Slideshow guide.

  4. Images with Text is the most useful, as the page name/title does not display automatically when hovering or clicking (like it does on a Collection Page)

  5. Hover the section style that you want and click 'Add Section'

Add your Image

Because you already have the page you want to link to already created, it is easy to import your image from the existing page

  1. Click 'Import from Format'

Select the image and import.

Image Options

  1. Click on the imported image to move within the placeholder shape and to get the toolbar to appear above

  2. Change Image: re-import or add a replacement image)

  3. Change Shape: dropdown options include Original, Square, Round, Portrait, Landscape and Panorama

  4. Resize: slider to increase/decrease size of image

  5. Link: to a Page, Website or Email address

  6. Image Description: add alt-text

  7. Delete Section

  8. Save Changes

Set Link to Image

  1. With the image selected, click 'Link'

  2. Select 'Page'

  3. Toggle the 'Choose a page' dropdown

  4. Select your page

  1. Click 'Create' to close and create the link

Set Text Link

If using an Image Section that includes Text, you can select and replace with your own text and also set this to be a text link.

  1. Add text and select

  2. Choose style to apply from Large Heading, Heading, Body, Small Text and List (if enabled)

  3. Click 'Link'

  4. Select the internal Page from the dropdown list

  5. Click 'Create'

Add other Sections

Continue to add other Sections. You are not bound to use the same style so you can come up with creative solutions and test with your live site.

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