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Deleting a Page Link in a Collection and re-adding
Deleting a Page Link in a Collection and re-adding

Video instruction showing how to remove a Page Link from a Collection Page and re-adding a new Page Link

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0:00 My name is Stanzie and I'm a Format expert. Today I'm going to show you how to add and delete links from your Collection Page, meaning the image links that you see here on your Collection Page.

0:11 Go to your Collection Page listing and press 'Edit' page. And then as you hover over the different pages, since you'll see the option to remove links, I'm going to remove this link to my Chinque Terre page.

0:28 You'll then see you have to 'Save Changes' in order to apply the removal of that link. If I decide I want to add the same link or a new link, I'll go to add item and page link.

0:43 This will open up all the pages that are not yet linked to my Collection Page. Pages that are already linked to your Collection Page will not appear.

0:51 I'm going to re-add my Cinque Terre page. So I'll click for the Gallery and go add to collection. You'll see that it's then reappears.

1:00 I can also edit the Cover Image from here and I can drag and drop my links into the order I want them to appear.

1:09 When I'm happy with my changes, I'll press Save Changes. If you have any questions about using Collection Pages or anything else, please click the Help icon and our 24/7 Success Team would be happy to assist you.

1:20 Thank you and have a great day.

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