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Add Calendly HTML embed code
Add Calendly HTML embed code

Video shows adding Calendly widget embed code to a Custom Page. Requires a account and Pro or Pro Plus plan

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Video transcript

0:00 Hi I'm Stanzie, a Format expert. Today I'm going to show you how you can add a Calendly embed to your Format website.

0:07 Calendly is a great software that allows you to manage bookings on your website. I'm going to add a Calendly embed as an HTML embed on my Custom Page.

0:18 Go to your Calendly account and go to click on the gear beside your your user. You'll have to set up your Calendly calendar and events beforehand.

0:30 Click add to website and then you can decide what type of embed you want. I'm going to add it into my page.

0:42 It will then give me some code. I'm going to press copy code and then I will go over to the page my format website where I want this embedded.

0:52 I'm going to add mine to my contact page, which is a custom page. Go to add section and then under media, you'll see HTML block.

1:03 Simply paste the code you got from Calendly into there and go, oh, sorry about that. And press save changes. If I now preview the page, I'll see my Calendly calendar that I've set up on the other page embedded here.

1:28 If you have any other questions about embedding Calendly on your website, click the help icon and our 24/7 team would be happy to assist you.

1:36 Thank you and have a great day.

For more information on setting up a Calendly account please visit

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