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Adding a Store Product
Adding a Store Product
Video instruction showing how to add a Product to your Store
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0:00 Hi there, my name is Dora. I'm a Format expert and I'm going to show you how you can set up a Product in your Format online store.

0:08 To begin with, you will need to go to your main store page from the dashboard here. Once on your Store page, you will be prompted to connect your PayPal business account to your Format Store.

0:21 In order to start collecting revenue from your Store, you will need to add a PayPal business account, which will be your payment process.

0:28 I'm going to close this for now. And I'm going to show you some of the product options that you have by creating a text at test product here.

0:43 Within your Product page options, you will see that you have the option to set your Product Availability. When a Product is set up to unlisted, it won't be visible on your online store.

0:56 When it's set to Available in Store, it will be visible. However, in order to set a product to available in store, you will first need to connect your store to your PayPal business account.

1:07 You can then see the option to add various types of products to your Format online Store. You can add a Physical Product such as prints or t-shirts, which can be shipped.

1:18 You can add Digital Products such as Lightroom presets or downloadable ebooks or you can add Services such as photography sessions or online workshop.

1:34 You can then see the option to add a cover image to your product. The cover image will be the main image that will represent your product on the main store page as a thumbnail.

1:45 After that, you will have the option to add up to the 5 representative images for your product. This is an option for each individual product.

1:54 And these 5 images will be displayed on your main product page. And then add a product name and a description which will also be visible on your main product page.

2:08 You can then add a main price to your product. You can change the currency that you're selling your product in via the main Store Settings.

2:17 You can then also add product options. You can set your Product to Unlimited quantity or you can set it to Limited quantity.

2:25 After that limited quantity will be sold, your Product will display as sold out but Coming Soon depending on your store product settings.

2:33 You can also add various types of product options which will display a drop down label from which clients can choose.

2:41 For instance, I will create a sized or up to down label and you can write in the various types of options that you have.

2:52 I can set my Quantity to Limited or Unlimited. I can also set a price for each type of size that I have.

3:09 You can add as many product options as you'd like and this will further extend the drop down menu that will appear on your main product page.

3:18 Further down the page, you will see the option for Shipping which is for physical products that you will sell. Regarding Shipping, you can set a National shipping rate or you can set an International shipping rate or both.

3:32 You can also set a price for the Product when it's shipped alone or you can set a shipping price for when the Product is shipped with others.

3:40 For instance, the shipped alone price could be $5 whereas the with others shipping price can be $2.50. So you want to offer a discount for customers that choose to purchase multiple items at once from your store.

3:56 I hope this introduction to adding the Store Product has been helpful. You can reach out to us via the black chat icon situated in the lower right hand side of your screen here or you can write to us at at any time.

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