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Checking your Client Gallery Activity
Checking your Client Gallery Activity

Covering the Activity area.

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Activity overview

  1. Navigate to the 'Activity' pane

  2. Showing filters include: All Images, Downloaded Images, Favorited Images, Images with Any Activity and Images with No Activity

  3. by filters include: All Clients, by individual email address and None

  4. Favorited image and number of times

  5. Downloaded image and number of times

Filtering by Favorited Images

  1. Filtering by Favorited Images

  2. By All Clients

  3. Reset filters

  4. Sort order A-Z or Z-A

  5. Checkbox ticked (on any image displays options at the bottom)

  6. Export a Contact Sheet with thumbnails and filename (see example screenshot below)

  7. Export a CSV file. See our Client Galleries Activity download CSV file guide

  8. Delete Images (normally this would be done under the Images thumbnail view)

Example Contact Sheet

  1. Client Gallery Name

  2. Image thumbnail with filename

You can Print the Contact Sheet to a PDF file, to a physical printer, or just refer on-screen.

Filtering by Downloads

  1. Filtering by Downloaded Images

  2. By All Clients

  3. When checkbox is empty, no options are displayed at the bottom

  4. No options displayed

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