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Adding Captions to Client Gallery images and how they are seen
Adding Captions to Client Gallery images and how they are seen

Video showing how to set Captions to the image thumbnails of your Client Gallery images and how they appear when viewing.

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Access Client Gallery and Add Caption…

  1. Image filename (see Settings for Thumbnail Labels below)

  2. Click 'Add Caption…'

Add Caption

  1. Caption text added, the field will expand to allow more text to be entered

  2. Toggle between Text and HTML (requires knowledge of HTML as you will be adding code here).

Styling options for Caption

  1. Select the text that you want to apply styling options

  2. Bold text

  3. Italic text

  4. Heading text

  5. Link (Page, Website or Email address)

  6. Bullet list

Applying Bold and Italic styling

Link to Website

  1. Text link to a Website

  2. Add (paste) full URL for the website

  3. Click 'Save Link'

Settings for Thumbnail Labels

  1. Go to the Settings panel

  2. Scroll down to 'Thumbnail Labels'

  3. Caption is the default

  1. Caption only under image thumbnail

Viewing Live Site Client Gallery with Caption

  1. Caption displaying (only partial, no styling visible

  2. Click thumbnail image to expand and see larger view and full Caption

  1. Unstyled Caption in top-left corner

  2. Click '' to expand and see full styled caption

  1. Full styled caption (showing Bold, Italic and link)

  2. The image may appear cropped with the caption panel opens above

  1. If Settings > Thumbnail Labels are set to 'Filename' this will appear under the image (no caption visible but you can see the Caption by clicking to the enlarged viewer

  1. Filename in top-left corner

  2. Click '' to see full styled Caption

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