Adding full-bleed images

Display images at full-bleed (left and right edges) on Custom Pages with this Image section.

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If you haven't created or worked with Custom Pages before you may like to view this article first

Add full-bleed Image section

  1. From the 'Add Section +' link choose 'Images'

  2. Select the sixth module from the 'Images Only' thumbnails

Add your image

  1. Import your image and use the 'grabber hand' to adjust the image cropping

  2. Use the 'Panorama' crop option in the dropdown. Save Changes


  1. If you don't want the image cropped as a 'Panorama' but would rather show the whole image…

  2. Change the dropdown to 'Original'

Set Full Bleed Section Spacing

  1. Select 'Themes'

  2. Scroll down to 'Custom Pages' > 'Full Bleed Section Spacing' use the dropdown to change the spacing from 'Default' to 'None'

Live Site Preview

View your live site to see how the images will appear at full-bleed

The site preview above is the Sierra theme with the default space between the full-bleed Image sections.

Not quite full-bleed

If you are using a theme that has a left or right site menu (navigation area) the full-bleed images will not extend right to the edges. There will be a white space visible but the images will be wider than any other Images that can be added to a Custom Page.

The site preview above is with the Horizon Left theme.

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