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Create a Mailing List subscription form
Create a Mailing List subscription form

Mailing Lists can be added to Custom Pages on all plans.

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Video overview

Add Section to a Custom Page

If you already have a Contact Page (or another Custom Page) and want to add a Mailing List subscription form you can with the Custom Page 'Add Section' Module

  1. 'Add Section' to a new or existing Custom Page

  2. View available Forms templates

  3. Scroll down to Mailing List

  4. Mailing List subscription form with image background template

  5. Mailing List subscription form with solid color background template

Or, create a New Custom Page using one of our pre-built Contact templates and customize.

  1. Create a New Custom Page and view the pre-built Contact Templates

  2. Select a page that already has a Mailing List subscription form

Customize the message

  1. Mailing List module

  2. 'Subscribe to Our Newsletter' text is editable, select to change to the exact Heading text you want. There is a maximum character count of 60

  3. 'Sign up with your email address…' text can also be edited. There is a maximum character count of 160

  4. 'Enter a valid email address' can be edited but probably best to keep close to how it is currently shown (to make sure people do add a valid email address). There is a maximum character count of 40

  5. 'Sign Up' button text can be edited. Maximum character count of 15

  6. 'Settings' opens a popup panel so you can view list of subscribers and set a message after the email address has been submitted

  7. Customize the fonts, set text color, overlay opacity or background color, height, button and animation styles (depending on template selected)

Customize Design

  1. Customize Mailing List options available (may differ between templates)

  2. Typography options will initially show the default Heading and Body fonts your site is using but you can change to any other available font as well as change the color, size and line height

  3. View the changes you make within the in-app preview.

  4. Always 'Save Changes'

Using a Popup Mailing List Form

Another option is to create a Mailing List popup form.

Mailing List Settings

  1. Click 'Settings' button to access

  2. Click 'View Subscriber List' to see email addresses of those who have subscribed and to export a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file for adding to your email campaign or other applications

  3. Post-Submit Message, edit this area to thank those who have subscribed and include any other details you want to let them know about.

Manage Mailing List Subscribers

If you have multiple Mailing List subscription forms on pages across your site, there is only one central list to manage subscribers under

  1. Click Workflow > 'Inbox'

  2. Click 'Mailing List'

Mailing List is available on all plans

  1. Click 'Mailing List'

  2. Export List as CSV file for using in your email campaign or other applications

  3. Email addresses and subscribed time and date displayed as a list

  4. Email Notifications, change how often you are notified.

  5. 'Add to Contacts' only use this link if you have already Exported List

  6. 'View Contact'

Export List as CSV file

  1. Export List

  2. The filename will be subscribers.csv 

  3. Your browser may ask you whether to open the file directly in an application of your choice or to 'Save File'

  4. Click OK to continue to save the file to your download destination

You can then open and use this file in a plain text editor, or import into another email application service or application for your management.

Importing CSV into Google Mail

If the CSV file will not import directly, it may require adding one word Email to the first line of the subscribers.csv file deleting all the Dates and resaving and uploading.

A CSV file can be edited in a plain text editor (you do not need to have a spreadsheet style application installed to edit).

  1. Add the word 'Email' to the very top of the subscribers.csv file

  2. Delete all dates, including the comma after the email address from each row

Save the file and try uploading now.

Delete Mailing List Subscribers

  1. 'Delete All Subscribers' only use after 'Export List' as a CSV file has been done and saved to your device

  2. A 'Warning' will be displayed advising that you are about to delete all subscribers from  your mailing list, if you confirm and continue they will be removed with no ability to recover.

It is not possible to delete individual email addresses from the list of subscribers.

View Mailing List on live site

  1. Mailing List subscription form as it appears on live site

  2. Entry field and 'Sign Up' button

Things to be aware of

Once submitted, the form can not be repeatedly used, this is to stop automated bots or spammers trying to resend unwanted email addresses.

Our Mailing List feature does not allow your subscribers to 'Unsubscribe', you would manage this separately. 

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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