Want the perfect Format website as quickly as possible? Our Format Experts have built thousands of portfolio websites—and we can’t wait to build yours.

With Format Expert Site Building Service, you can upload your images, content and preferences for your site, and a Format Expert will build the foundation for your site in two provided edits.

The service is FREE on a Pro Plus or Unlimited annual plan.

To access this service:

Once the site is built, you will receive a video introducing you to your new site and its features.


Who can access Format Expert Site Building Service?

Format members who are on a Pro Plus or Unlimited Annual plan get this service free as part of their subscription. For more information on subscription pricing click here.

What is included in the site build? 

A Format Expert will build out the initial pages of your site, including: 

  • Gallery pages
  • Site navigation
  • About and Contact page
  • Design concept and layout adjustments that will highlight your work

The service does not include: 

  • Building individual Store products
  • Custom coding 
  • SEO inputting
  • Ongoing maintenance of adding new content to the site past the final draft 
  • On-Call support with the site builder. Our Site Building Service is available Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm EST.  

What does the Site Building Service process look like?

Our Site Building Service occurs in two phases. First you complete the site build form so we have an idea of what you want your site to look like. After completing the form, a Format Expert will contact you and build the first draft of your site. You will get a chance to let us know what you like about the first draft, or what you want to change. 

Based on the feedback we receive from you, we will build a second and final draft. After the final draft of the website is built, you will receive a video walkthrough of the website and the Site Building Service will conclude. 

You will also be provided with helpful tutorial videos to ensure you are able to maintain your site ongoing. These videos will cover topics such as filling in your SEO and using advanced tools. You will also have the support team available to you at any point if you get stuck. 


  • Our Format Site Build Experts make direct changes to your new or existing site during the service. — Let our team if you would like to add a password for privacy during the process.
  • Site Build is a one time service that provides two edits. It is complementary with new Pro Plus or Unlimited Plans.
  • The service ends after the second & final edit to your site. After which manual changes to your site will end. Instead you will have access to video and written tutorials, and our amazing customer support to guide you through making your own changes.

How to begin Site Build Service:

  1. Upgrade to Pro Plus or Unlimited yearly.
  2. Reach out to our team and let them know you want access to our Site Build Form or press the 'Get Started' button below.
  3. Fill out the Site Build Form questions.
  4. If building a new site add all content and copy to the form.
  5. If using Site Build to revamp an existing site with content already you can skip adding image content.
  6. When the form is complete notify our Customer Support team through chat or info@format.com to let us know. There is no way we will know otherwise.

Have more questions? Reach out to the team here

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