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Client Galleries Activity download CSV file
Client Galleries Activity download CSV file

Download a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file showing which images have been favorited or downloaded and by whom.

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Client Galleries Activity panel

  1. From your Client Gallery, click 'Activity'

  2. Select the files you want included in the comma separated value (CSV) file

  3. Click 'Select All' all to Select All images

  4. Deselect All link

  5. Export Contact Sheet

  6. Export CSV file

Export Contact Sheet

This opens a new browser window with larger thumbnails and the filename underneath. Use to print or save as a PDF file for easy reference.

Export CSV

  1. Click 'CSV' to Export

  2. Dialogue panel appears showing filename {client-gallery-name]-activity.csv

  3. Select to Save File (or open in an installed application)

  4. Click 'OK' to download the file to your designated location

File Saved

  1. {project-name}-activity.csv  file saved successfully

A CSV file can be opened in any text editing or spreadsheet application.

Above: CSV opened in Text Edit (macOS)

  • The first row is the header row, describing each column

  • After the header row, there is one row for each file that the user selected

  • The second and third columns contain the email address of the users that Favorited and Downloaded the file

  • If more than one email address is listed, they are separated by commas and surrounded by double quotes

  • If no users Favorited or Downloaded the file, two double quotes with nothing in between appear (“”)

For easy formatting in columns it is best to import the CSV file into a speadsheet application (above screenshot shows Google Sheets)

  1. Imported file name

  2. Filename column

  3. Favorites column (email address indicates who favorited)

  4. Downloads column (email address indicates who downloaded)

  5. If more than one person favorited, all email addresses are shown against the Filename

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