The footer area of your site allows you to include your copyright or contact information. It may be displayed at the bottom of the browser window or below the menu.

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In this article
  • Editing footer text
  • Compatible themes
  • How to add links

Editing footer text

Design editor window showing Advanced Theme Options for editing the Footer Text of your site.

From the left Sidebar in your Dashboard tap 'Design Editor' and select 'Theme'

  1. Tap the 'Advanced' tab
  2. Footer Text, change or add your own contact information here.

'Save Changes' and view.

Compatible themes

Not every theme supports the display of footer text.

Sun and Panorama do not display any footer text.

How to add links

You can link from any footer text using the 'link' tool

You can select any portion of your footer text and make this a link to a page within your site, an external website or email address.

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