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Restoring Example Pages
Restoring Example Pages

It is easy to think that you may have broken something when first starting a site. Restoring our Example Pages can help you start again.

Updated over a week ago

This option is only available within the free 14 day trial period. If you want help restoring the Example Pages after this time, please contact one of our team via the in-app chat icon, lower-right corner of your Format Account.

Restore Example Pages

  1. Click Options

  2. Click Restore Example Pages

Example Pages from your theme

A window will appear showing you a preview of the example pages for the theme you have used as the template for your site.

Any edited pages you have already made changes to will be saved

  1. Click Restore Example Pages

Restored Example Pages and Edited Pages

  1. The Restored Example Pages will appear at the top of the IN MENU area with EXAMPLE next to their Title

  2. Pages you have edited will be shown without the word EXAMPLE next to the Title and at the bottom of the IN MENU area or

  3. NOT IN MENU, if that is where they were placed

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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