Adding images

Whether you have example images still on the page or an empty Gallery Page, it is easy to add new images

  1. Tap 'Add Item +'
  2. Tap 'Image'

Image upload options

  1. Drag & drop files from your desktop to upload or tap 'Upload Images' to select files
  2. Import from Format if the images you want to use are already on an existing page in your site
  3. Import from Dropbox if you have images stored here
  4. Upload directly from Adobe® Lightroom® (macOS or Windows OS) or Capture One® (macOS only). Learn more here for Lightroom or Capture One

Selected images from computer

  1. Navigate to the folder/directory where the images are you want to upload and select (.jpg, .png or .gif images can be uploaded)
  2. Tap 'Open'

Image uploading progress

  1. Images uploading will show their file name, status, size and the upload progress bar indicator.
  2. Overall upload and time remaining indicator
  3. 'Stop Upload' button if you need to cancel the upload once started.

Upload completed

  1. You can add more images to upload here
  2. Tap 'Add Alt Text' to help provide viewers with descriptions of the images and also add Captions to the images
  3. Tap 'Done' to close the image uploader

Alt Text and Captions Bulk Editor

  1. The 'Alt Text' panel of the Gallery Page will be activated
  2. Add Captions to your images
  3. Add Alt Text to your images
  4. Tap 'Save Changes' before leaving this page
  5. Tap the pages Title to rename
  6. Tap 'Back to Pages' to return to list of all Pages in site

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