Select a Theme

  1. Scroll to select from one of the recommended themes.

  2. Tap 'Start With This Theme'

  3. Hovering and tapping one of the other themes will allow you to use as well

You can change your theme at any time, any edits made content added will be retained.

Manage Pages

  1. Tap 'Pages' to manage the pages of your site

Start with Example Pages

  1. Tapping 'Start with Example Pages' is recommended if you have never used Format before and this allows you to use our Example Pages as a guide to edit and add your own content (text and images)

  2. Tap 'Create new pages instead' will remove all Example Pages and you will start with a blank page. See our Create new pages instead guide for more information

Pages editor explained

  1. 'Pages' in the left sidebar needs to be activated to see middle panel

  2. 'Options' allows quick access to Add Pages into Menu, Remove Pages from Menu, Restore Example Pages and Delete Pages

  3. Example Pages that have not been edited yet will show with EXAMPLE next to the Title

  4. Tap and hold over the left side of the Title to allow you to move the page up or down in the order it appears (or to move to the NOT IN MENU (6) area

  5. Hover the right side of the Title to 'Edit' the page or activate the '…' ellipse icon for a dropdown menu with more options including: Remove from Menu, Edit Page Content, Rename, Edit Design, Set as Homepage, Duplicate Page and Delete Permanently

  6. The 'NOT IN MENU' area shows all pages that are not visible in your Site Menu. See our Organizing your Site Menu video

  7. On the right is the In-app Preview showing how your site will look, you can change for computer monitor, mobile or full-width display

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