Activate Options

  1. Tap 'Options' to activate dropdown menu

  2. Tap 'Remove Pages from Menu'

Select Pages to Remove

  1. Tap the 'checkbox' to select pages to remove from the IN MENU area

  2. Number of pages selected

  3. Tap 'Remove Pages from Menu'

Pages moved to Not In Menu

  1. These pages will be moved to the NOT IN MENU area

They can still be seen on your live site but you would need to link to these using a Collection Page or a Custom Page with Link Sets

Removing or Moving Page with tap-hold-and-drag

  1. Hover the left side of the Title of the page you want to move, a 'grabber hand' will appear.

  2. Tap-hold-and-drag the page down to the NOT IN MENU area

Release Page

  1. Release when the page is over the position that opens up to show the space you want the page to sit within

The reverse is true, if you want to move a page back into the IN MENU area, just tap-hold-and-drag it upwards. The topmost page appears first in the order the site menu appears on your live site.

More information

Add Pages into Menu

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