Delete Pages

Delete one or more pages at a time, or individually, the options are yours

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Activate Options

  1. From the left sidebar, navigate to 'Portfolio' and click 'Pages'

  2. Click 'Options' to activate dropdown menu

  3. Click 'Delete Pages'

Select Pages to Delete

  1. Click the 'checkbox' to select pages to delete

  2. They can be IN MENU or NOT IN MENU areas

  3. Number of pages selected for deletion shown

  4. Click 'Delete Pages'

Last Warning before Deleting Pages

  1. A Warning will appear showing the number of pages you will delete

  2. Click 'Confirm' to delete or Cancel if you are unsure whether you will want these pages again (once deleted, they can not be restored/recovered).

You can Restore Example Pages but any content you have added and edited on a page can not be recovered when that page has been deleted.

Delete an individual page

  1. Hover the right side of the Page Title until the '' icon appears, then click to open the dropdown menu

  2. Click 'Delete Permanently'

  1. A Warning will appear showing the Page Title that you are about to delete

  2. Click 'Confirm' to delete

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