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Edit Gallery Page Content
Edit Gallery Page Content

Gallery Pages are where you can show your best work visually

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Edit Page Content

There are two ways of accessing to edit the content of a page

  1. Hover the right side of the Page Title until the 'Edit' button appears or

  2. Click the '' icon to open the dropdown menu

  3. Click 'Edit Page Content'

Clear Content

  1. Click any thumbnail image

  2. Click to 'Keep Example Content' and add more images of your own or

  3. Click 'Clear Content' to create an empty page

  4. Number Counter to show how many items are on the page

Empty Gallery Page

  1. Page Name ready for you to change (See Renaming Pages)

  2. Gallery is empty

  3. Click 'Add Item +' (see Uploading images)

  4. Counter shows no items

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