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Managing your Client List
Managing your Client List

Clients are a place to collect all of the pieces of information related to some paid work.

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Think of it as a folder for all of the key appointments, notes, email addresses and phone numbers and the final images that are delivered once everything has been completed.

Creating a Client

Clients can be created from multiple places:

Creating a Client from the Overview Page

  1. From the left sidebar click ‘Overview

  2. Click ‘Create Client

The ‘New Client’ dialogue panel is displayed.

  1. Enter a name for the client

  2. Click ‘Add Client’ or ‘Cancel’ to exit

Creating a Client from the Clients Page

  1. From the left sidebar, tap ‘Clients

  2. Click ‘New Client’.

The ‘New Client’ dialogue panel is displayed.

  1. Enter a name for the client

  2. Click ‘Add Client’ or ‘Cancel’ to exit

Client Management Dashboard

  1. After adding a new Client you will see this Client Management dashboard

  2. Client Galleries panel. Create a 'New Client Gallery' here

  3. Settings for the Client can be made here

  4. Contact List, select or add a Contact to your Client

  5. Recent Activity for the Client would appear here

  6. File Transfers panel. Create a 'New File Transfer' here

  7. '+ Create New' another way of creating a Client Gallery or File Transfer for the Client (see below)

Create New button

  1. '+ Create New' button

  2. Client Gallery or

  3. File Transfer

Client Settings Panel

  1. Client Title

  2. Delete Permanently (only affects the Client, any Contacts or Client Galleries will be retained) any File Transfers associated with that Client will be deleted.

  3. Save Changes before leaving page

Deleting a Client

  1. Click 'Delete Permanently'

  2. You will be presented with Warning. Only 'Confirm' if sure (there is no way to recover a Client or File Transfers associated with this Client after deleting)

Viewing Many Clients

  1. Click 'Clients' from the left 'Workflow' sidebar

  2. Click the Client Name to access

  3. Shows a Contact assigned to a Client

  4. Toggle the sort order (alphabetically) for Name, Label and Last Activity

  5. Label assigned (click to change label)

  6. Click 'Add a Label' to add

  7. Click 'New Client' to add

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