They are similar to client galleries, but instead of creating a web page where clients can browse images, it creates a ZIP file with all the images for download.

We are now able to accept a larger range of image file types for Client Galleries, please see the Workflow Supported File Types guide.

Video overview

Creating a File Transfer from the Overview Page

  1. From the ‘Overview’ page

  2. Tap ‘New File Transfer’. The ‘New File Transfer’ dialogue panel is displayed.

  1. Enter the File Transfer Name.

  2. You can optionally assign an existing client to the file transfer. Start typing the name of the client in the ‘Client’ field. Any matching clients will appear in a list under the field, or use the dropdown to select an existing client. Tap on the client that this file transfer belongs to.

  3. 'Create New Client' if required

  4. Tap ‘Add File Transfer’ or ‘Cancel’ to exit.

File Transfer Preview

  1. Upload Files (you can not upload files that are already compressed in a ZIP archive)

  2. Return 'Back to File Transfers' panel

  3. Send from 2GB to 10GB of files (depending on your plan) as a downloadable ZIP file. Files will automatically expire after one week.

  4. 'Send File Transfer' will not be accessible until images have been uploaded

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