Sharing a File Transfer

Once all of the images are ready, they can be shared with clients.

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Video overview

Sharing packages all of the images up in a ZIP file and sends an email to the client with a link. This represents the last step in delivering final images of your work.

Once a file transfer has been shared, it can no longer be changed.

Images cannot be added or removed from the ZIP file, and the expiration date of the ZIP file cannot be altered.

Click ‘File Transfers’ from the left sidebar under the ‘Workflow’ heading. The ‘File Transfers’ page is displayed.

Click the name of the file transfer that you want to share. A file list is displayed.

  1. Click ‘Send File Transfer’. A dialogue panel is displayed

  2. Enter the client’s email address, a maximum of three (3) email address can be used here.

  3. Subject

  4. Message for the email that will be sent to the client

  5. You can also generate a direct URL link to copy-and-paste into your own email sending application message

  6. Click ‘Send Tranfer via Email’ or ‘Cancel’ to exit

An email will be sent to the client’s email address with the message and a link to the file transfer.

Finalize your Transfer

If selecting the URL link it will take some time to package the image files.

File Transfer is Ready

  1. Copy URL to Clipboard

Transfer Sent

  1. Once the URL has been generated, or the file transfer sent via email, it can't be modified.

File Transfers are valid for a period of seven (7) days.

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