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Video optimization before uploading
Video optimization before uploading

Video that looks good and runs well on your site is important. It is a complex subject but here are some ideas on how to reduce video size.

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Why optimize videos?

Video on Title Pages are limited to 15MB in size so that they will start to play (and auto-loop, if enabled) quickly.

Having a long video trying to play on a Title Page may cause viewers to leave your site if there are delays or, if they have to download a large amount of data (especially on mobile cellular network plans). A feature length video is not recommended here!

There are many online tools and applications available to trim your video that you may like to try.

Perform a Google search on tips on reducing video file sizes.

How to reduce video size

  1. Reduce the video length (trim the clip so that only important content is retained) less frames = a smaller file size. A clip that is 1920px wide by 1080px at 24fps for six seconds is around 4.18MB depending on compression ratio and original image source (use this online Video filesize calculator to check).

  2. Lower the video resolution, do you really need a 4k resolution video?

  3. Change the video codec, the most popular lossless codec is H.264.

  4. Lower the audio bitrate, or remove audio completely, having a silent looping video is less likely to upset viewers

Test your video

The most important thing is for you to be happy with your video (and that it can be added to your Format portfolio site successfully!)

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