Video overview

Create a new Client Gallery page, then import the images you want to download from your existing Format Pages.

If you haven't used Client Galleries before, please see our guide on how to set up here.

Enable Full Size Downloading

  1. Client Galleries

  2. Page Title

  3. Settings

  4. Set 'Allow full size downloading'

  5. Save Changes

View Page

Tap 'View Site' icon and enter your email address to access (required).

  1. Page Title (named 'To Download') here

  2. 'Download All' button

Enter email address

  1. Enter your email address to receive download links for ZIP files

  2. Tap 'Confirm'

You will receive an email with links to download the images, if you have a large number of images, there will be multiple links included in the email. Fifty images are ZIPped into one download file.

Download files

Download the images back to your computer!

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