It is now necessary to add the correct Google Site Tag by copying and pasting a JavaScript code snippet into the <head> area.

Video instructions

Access Google Analytics

  1. Go to

  2. Tap 'Set up for free' if you do not already have a Google Analytics account

Analytics Account Setup

  1. Add your 'Account name'

  2. Select the data sharing options you agree to

  3. Tap 'Next'

Property Setup

  1. Enter the Property name, it should be easy to identify as being your Format site

  2. Select your Reporting time zone

  3. Select Currency

  4. Tap 'Next'

About your business

  1. Select Industry category

  2. Select Business size

  3. Select number of checkboxes that relate to you

  4. Tap 'Create'

Agree to Terms of Service

  1. Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement heading

  2. Select your Country/Region

  3. Read and select checkbox for Data Processing Terms

  4. Read and select checkbox for Measurement Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms

  5. If you agree with everything you have read, tap 'I Accept'

Email Communications

  1. Read and select any checkboxes for email communications from Google Analytics then tap 'Save'

Set up Data Stream

  1. Under 'Admin' tab you will see the Property you named previously

  2. Go to 'Data Streams'

  3. Select 'Web'

  1. Enter the Website URL, it should be the full, correctly connected Secure URL with (example)

  2. Set the Stream name

  3. Tap 'Create stream'

Select Enhanced Measurement options

  1. Enable toggle for any information you want to collect additional data on and tap 'Save'

Web Stream Details

  1. Check the Stream URL is correctly displaying as

  2. The Measurement ID will be shown here

  3. Go to Tagging Instructions section. Tap 'Add new on-page tag'

  4. Open the 'Google Site Tag (gtag.js)' accordion panel

Copy Global Site Tag (gtag.js) code

  1. Viewing under 'Add new on-page tag'

  2. Select the code in this panel

  3. Tap 'Copy'

Format Settings > Site Panel

  1. Return to your Format Dashboard and tap 'Settings'

  2. Tap Site to activate the panel

  3. Scroll down

  4. to the 'Custom <head> include' area

  5. Read Warning and tap 'Continue Anyway'

Paste in gtag.js

  1. Paste in the gtag.js code

  2. Tap 'Save Changes'

Return to Google Analytics

  1. Stream URL will show

  2. Status will show no data received in past 48 hours

  3. Close panel

  1. Your Data Stream should now show as being completely set up

  2. It is unlikely that any statistics will be gathered in the first 48 hours after connecting.

Please see the range of Help Articles provided by Google Analytics to further understand and configure so that you get the best statistics possible.

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