Pro members can upload a total of 15 minutes of video.

Pro Plus members can upload a total of 30 minutes of video.

Premium members can upload a total of 120 minutes. Each video has a maximum file size of 300MB.

Video overview

Add Hosted Video Section

From within a Custom Page > Add Section

  1. Select Media > Hosted Video (from your device)

  2. Tap for centered video

  3. Tap for full-width video

  4. Embedded Video needs to be hosted with Vimeo or YouTube

  1. Tap 'Upload Video' to add your own video

Select Video Source

  1. Drag & drop a video file or Upload Video from your device

  2. Import from Format (if video has already been added to another page already)

  3. Import from Dropbox

  4. View help articles

Select video file

Video files up to 300MB in size can be uploaded.

Upload Progress

  1. File and progress indicator

Edit video

  1. Once uploaded, tap the video thumbnail for the styling ribbon bar to appear above

  2. Change Video

  3. Edit Thumbnail (add a PNG or JPG image)

  4. Customize Design, color, fonts, size and auto-play options

  5. Always 'Save Changes'

Edit Thumbnail

  1. Select 'Custom'

  2. Tap 'Upload Custom Thumbnail' to replace

  3. Apply

  4. Close window without changing

  1. Upload Images, select a JPG or PNG image

Customize Design

Every hosted video has individual design options that can be styled, these include:

  1. Player Base Color, Player Text and Icon Color, Player Accent Color, Player Text Font, Fit Portrait Videos to Screen and Auto-Play

  2. Save Changes

View on Live Site

Test your video on your live site!

  1. Fixed Width hosted video shown above

  1. Full Width hosted video with player bar visible underneath

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