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Using a Collection Page for organizing Store Products
Using a Collection Page for organizing Store Products

Another way of setting 'pseudo-catagories' for your Store

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0:00 Hi there, my name is Dora, I'm a Format expert and today I'm going to show you how to work 'Categories' to your Store by using Collection pages.

0:08 So let's get started. You will first need to access your Pages editor from the left side toolbar located over here.

0:15 Once within the Pages editor, you will need to add a Collection page by clicking on the 'Create +' button over here and give it a Title.

0:22 I have already added my Collection page over here and I've added it to the site menu. You will then need to go to the Pages editor by clicking on the editor.

0:34 Once within the Collection page editor, you will be able to add pages to it by clicking on the add button over here.

0:42 Then selecting 'Page Link'. Once within this menu, you will be able to scroll down where you'll see links to your Product pages.

0:52 You can select them by clicking on the boxes over here. You can select one Product or you can select multiple Products.

0:59 Then click on the menu. You can add the product pages onto the Collection. Now you can add multiple Collection pages with multiple Product 'categories'.

1:14 For as many Product categories as you'd like to separate your Store Product into. I hope this video was helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us via the chat icon located in the lower right hand side of your screen or via email at

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