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Managing Client Labels
Managing Client Labels

Client Labels are "tags" for Clients which can be used to help organize your work.

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What are Client Labels?

  • Add labels to each of your clients (one label per client)

  • Colour-code your labels for easy identification (fixed palette of colors)

  • Customize the labels to suit your needs (currently 9 available)

  • Use to manage a sales pipeline: e.g. "prospect", "qualified", "proposal", "signed"

  • Show project status: e.g. "contract signed", "shoot scheduled", "proofs sent", "invoice sent"

  • Group "active", "on hold", and "closed" projects

  • Reminder for next steps: e.g. "send contract", "waiting for response", "send finals", etc.

  • Customize labels to your own requirements

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Adding Client Labels

Client Labels can be added from three different locations:

The Overview Page

  1. Click 'Workflow' then 'Overview'

  2. View Clients under 'Recent Activity', click 'Add a Label'

The Client List Page

  1. Click 'Workflow' then 'Clients'

  2. Click 'Add a Label'

The Client Details Page

  1. Click 'Workflow' then 'Clients' click into one of your Client's Details page

  2. Click 'Add a Label'

Editing Client Labels

  1. Click 'Add a Label'

  2. Select from Labels available (scrolls up/down)

  3. 'Edit Labels' to customize

  1. Click on the text part of the label to edit

  2. 'Save Changes'

Only the text can be changed, (as a workaround, to switch colors, swap the text between two labels).

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