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Size and file type requirements for images sold in Prints Marketplace
Size and file type requirements for images sold in Prints Marketplace

Marketplace images need to be the best quality possible, as these will be used for creating your finished product

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Images accepted

All images should be uploaded based on the following recommendations:

  • JPG or PNG images (PNGs can include transparency for printing on apparel)

  • Max 100MB

  • RGB Color with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile embedded

  • 300ppi

At least 6500px (please see Print Product Dimensions below)

  • Files can be larger than this, as long as they are under 100MB. The larger your file is the better, this will allow you to sell larger product variants.

  • If the uploaded file is too small it should stop from being used on products that are larger and your order will be placed on hold. We will contact you and ask for the required image size to fit the product. This will cause a delay in order production

Convert to Profile

We view every image before an order is sent for production. If we find an image does not have an sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile embedded, we will use the option within Adobe® Photoshop® to 'Convert to Profile' and using the default Conversion Options we will set the Destination Space Profile to be sRGB IEC61966-2.1

  1. Source Space Profile was ProPhoto RGB

  2. Destination Space Profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1 selected from dropdown

  3. Conversion Options leave at the default settings

  4. Preview on-screen and then click 'OK'

Print Product Dimensions

Below are the sizes of our most popular product sizes along with the minimum size requirements for each:

Print Dimensions (inches)

Print Dimensions (mm)

Portrait Orientation (pixels)

Landscape Orientation (pixels)

Image Ratio (rounded)

4 x 6"

101 x 152mm

1200 x 1800px

1800 x 1200px


5 x 7"

127 x 178mm

1500 x 2100px

2100 x 1500px


8 x 10"

203 x 254

2400 x 3000px

3000 x 2400px


8 x 12"

203 x 304mm

2400 x 3600px

3600 x 2400px


12 x 16"

304 x 406mm

3600 x 4800px

4800 x 3600px


12 x 18"

304 x 457mm

3600 x 5400px

5400 x 3600px


16 x 20"

406 x 508mm

4800 x 6000px

6000 x 4800px


16 x 24"

406 x 609mm

4800 x 7200px

7200 x 4800px


18 x 24"

457 x 609mm

5400 x 7200px

7200 x 5400px


20 x 30"

508 x 762mm

6000 x 9000px

9000 x 6000px


24 x 36"

609 x 914mm

7200 x 10800px

10800 x 7200px


30 x 40"

762 x 1016mm

9000 x 12000px

12000 x 9000px


32 x 48"

812 x 1219mm

9600 x 14400px

14400 x 9600px


Due to the Image Ratio for each print (colored in right column), not every Product we can print will perfectly match your original image so this may require you cropping to the largest size option available so that it can be used on the greatest range of products.

Example: an original 30 x 40" image has a ratio of 3:4 so could be used to print at sizes of 16 x 20", 12 x 16" or 5 x 7" but would not work for a 20 x 30" print which has a ratio of 2:3

Visual Representation of Print Sizes

This graphic is to scale and matches to the Print Dimensions table above for quickly identifying the print sizes and the ratio (tap to enlarge).

Square Shaped Products

Giclee Art Prints and Professional Prints can be printed in square shapes (1:1 ratio).

Print Dimensions (inches)

Print Dimensions (mm)


4 x 4"

101 x 101mm

1200 x 1200px

5 x 5"

127 x 127mm

1500 x 1500px

6 x 6"

152 x 152mm

1800 x 1800px

8 x 8"

203 x 203mm

2400 x 2400px

10 x 10"

254 x 254mm

3000 x 3000px

12 x 12"

304 x 304mm

3600 x 3600px

16 x 16"

406 x 406mm

4800 x 4800px

20 x 20"

508 x 508mm

6000 x 6000px

30 x 30"

762 x 762mm

9000 x 9000px

You would create a Listing and only have Products selected that are square.

Try and upload your image at the largest size you can so that it can be used with the most number of products.

The largest image will be scaled down in size (Bicubic Sharper reduction) to print smaller sizes.

Image Dimensions too large

If your image dimensions are too large, you may experience an issue when uploading your image to create a Listing. If the image thumbnail shows as missing, you will need to reduce the width and height dimensions closer to our guide above.

  1. Image Preview missing

  2. Dimensions of image too large

  3. Re-save image closer to dimensions in our guide and Replace Image

Apparel Products

Apparel dimensions are set at 4500 x 5700 pixels (portrait or landscape)

Cropping of Images

If the uploaded file is not the correct aspect ratio for the product, we will crop it to fit. In these cases, the sides and/or top and bottom of the image will be cropped (see graphic below).

If the cropping is extensive, we email the buyer of the print with a screenshot showing how we feel the image would be best cropped to be able to produce for them, if they do not agree, or want the image cropped for their print, then we will refund and cancel the order.

Increasing image dimensions

If you are using recent releases of Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Photoshop, they have introduced an 'Enhance' Super-Resolution tool that uses AI to interpolate the image increasing the pixels 2x size.

Quick video showing how this can be used here

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