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How do I get paid from my sales on Prints Marketplace?
How do I get paid from my sales on Prints Marketplace?

Format Prints Marketplace uses Stripe to send payouts to sellers. We automatically transfer your sales profit to a connected Stripe account.

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Connecting a Stripe account for your Payouts

  1. Click 'Payouts' from the bottom-left of the sidebar.

  2. Click 'Connect with Stripe'

  1. Select your Country

  2. Type of entity

  3. Mobile number (required for receiving SMS code to verify account)

  4. Email address

  5. Click 'Next'

  1. Entry area for SMS code, enter number you received to your mobile device

  1. Sign in to your Stripe account with email address

  2. Enter Password

  3. Click 'Continue'

  1. Legal Business Name

  2. Trading Name (optional)

  3. Click 'Next'

Depending on the Country you reside in, you may need to provide additional information including Date of Birth or Social Security Numbers in the process of connecting to Stripe.

  1. Add your Bank Account number for payments to be made to

  2. Confirm account number

  3. Click 'Save'

  1. Review Business Details

  2. Click pencil icon to edit

  3. Review Payout Details

  4. Click pencil icon to edit

  5. Click 'Done'

  1. You will be redirected to your Format Prints Dashboard

Format Payouts area

  1. Payouts panel

  2. Stripe Connect ID displayed

  1. Email Confirmation will be sent with details, please read.

How Payments are Made

  • After connecting your Format account with Stripe, you're now ready to receive automated payouts.

  • When you make a sale, the sales profit will be automatically transferred into your Stripe account.

  • Stripe will then deposit the money directly into your bank account according to the official

  • All payouts will reflect on your Stripe account after the payment verification period.

    • Meaning, it will reflect on your account 30 days after the end of the month in which your sale occurred.

    • For example, if your sale occurred on May 20, your sales profit would be sent via Stripe on or before July 1.

    • Payment verification period is required for us to protect the sellers, the print vendors, and us, from the refund or cancellation of the buyers.

If you have other questions, please contact our team at or use the in-app chat icon.

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