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Setting up a contract

  • Contracts must be associated with a Client. Once a Contract is assigned a Client, it can't be un-assigned to "nothing" - it can only be re-assigned to another Client.

  • The recipient's email address is entered under Workflow > Documents > (Select a Contract) > Contract Details. This can only be set here and is automatically reused throughout the contract. It can't be overridden in other places - it needs to be set here.

  • It's not possible to include more than one email address - we don't support documents that need to be signed by multiple parties.

  • The body of a contract is rich text – copy-and-pasting from a web page preserves (most) formatting

Sharing Contracts with clients

  • All details must be included before sharing a document, including the member's first and last name. This is done under Workflow > Documents > Settings > First and Last Name.

  • Clients will be asked for their email address at a couple of points – they must match the one under Contract Details exactly. It's case sensitive.

  • Passwords are case sensitive.

  • Contracts can be edited even after they're shared, but not after they've been signed. Photographers' clients will see the saved changes.

  • All notification emails are sent from

Downloading, editing and deleting contracts

  • The PDF version of the contract shows the date and time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) since the PDF file can cross time zones. This means that the time won't match what they see on the web.

  • The PDF version can only be retrieved from the notification email or by copy-and-pasting the contract URL into a new browser tab (i.e. it's not readily available.)

  • It's not possible to edit a signed contract. If changes are needed after signing, make a duplicate, edit, and resend it.

  • Once a contract is deleted, it's gone. We can't recover it, even if it's a signed version.

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