Select images to download

  1. Select images to download and tap 'Download'

  2. 'ZIP Folder Created' and should download automatically, you may need to verify this (as shown below)

Download as ZIP file

  1. Tap 'Download'

  2. A randomly-named ZIP Archive file will be created on your device.

  3. Choose whether to open after downloading, and with which application or 'Save File'

  4. Tap 'OK' to start download

Saved ZIP file

  1. Default locattion is 'Downloads' folder

  2. Open filename ending with .zip to access images

Open ZIP file

  1. Open 'Downloads' folder

  2. Uncompressed images appear within folder

  3. Originally downloaded ZIP file still saved, you can now delete

Screenshot images taken from macOS but similar behaviour for Windows Explorer windows.

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